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The message of God’s mercy and love must be proclaimed to the whole world through every possible means. St. Joseph Word Power Ministry is actively involved in making the message of Christ accessible to people far and wide.

We have moved with the changing times and made the large collection of messages from prominent catholic preachers and Bible studies available on a mobile app, and free for all to download on both the Android and iPhone.

While every believer has the inner fire to spread the Gospel, many of us may not have the time or talent to preach, or may simply lack the opportunity.  Anyone with a deeper desire to fulfill their main purpose in Christian life, to spread the Good News, will find this as a golden opportunity to be a part of the ministry without having a fear of facing people to preach, or looking for opportunities to spread the Good News.

 Prayerfully consider introducing the STJWPM app to your friends, and ask them to introduce it to their friends so as to spread the word of God to all.

Thus, you are joining the evangelization effort of the Church and this ministry helps you to fulfill Christ’s command to spread the Gospel.  No sacrifice aimed at the salvation of souls will go unrecognized.